IT Support

Kinesin can help your business with project-based or ongoing IT management and monitoring. Network, server, desktop, and mobile management for your office is just a phone call away.

Data Engineering and Analysis

Data is plentiful, but changing it into information is often tricky. Kinesin offers decades of experience in data management technologies, automated extraction and analysis, and presentation at scale.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud environments can be overwhelming, and tricky to set up without exposing company secrets. Kinesin can help your company grow and scale on the cloud, securely and cost effectively.


Help your employees keep up-to-date with on-site or virtual training sessions. Topics include security, IT best practices, and Programming in Python, Rust, or C++

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Programmer / DevOps Hire

on January 8, 2023

Programmer / DevOps Hire Kinesin is looking for its second hire! We do consulting work in large-scale HPC and real-time data environments, mostly on-prem (no cloud so far). If you love problems that can keep hundreds of servers warm and humming with workloads, then we have interesting problems for you to solve. The problem space is full-stack, from optimized algorithms to opportunities to create software that optimally utilizes distributed resources. GUIs and data-driven websites are also in scope.

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Security in Layers

on May 12, 2022

This article is an adaptation of one submitted to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Online Activity is Correlated It’s cliche to say that we live in a world driven by IT, but the pandemic forced everyone to lead more virtual lives through remote work, increased online shopping, and a greater reliance on social networks. Unsurprisingly, cyber-attacks and social engineering scams are also on the rise. Cryptocurrencies have made it much easier for scammers to safely profit from crimes, and an increasingly connected life means more ways that attackers can target your business.

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